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The Business Benefits of Green Armor's Identity Cues Anti-Phishing / Anti-Pharming System

Online impersonation puts businesses at serious risk. Criminals who obtain user credentials to financial systems through phishing (including pharming-type phishing) can execute fraudulent transactions and steal money. But, phishing isn't a problem just for banks and other financial institutions; any organization offering remote access to corporate resources is at risk.

Phishing jeopardizes case-related materials belonging to law firms offering remote access to email, threatens the confidentiality of medical information stored on insurance companies' servers, and can lead to the exposure of the trade secrets of virtually any type of business.

By attacking the root cause of the phishing problem – the ease with which the online user experience of a legitimate business can be duplicated – Green Armor’s Identity Cues technology dramatically reduces the opportunity for criminals to successfully impersonate an enterprise's online presence.

Green Armor’s technology is unique within the field of anti-phishing technologies in several aspects – it works proactively, it requires no conscious effort on the part of users, and it is much easier to install and maintain than other offerings.

Businesses properly employing Green Armor’s Identity Cues may enjoy the following benefits:

  • A significant reduction in the losses (financial and otherwise) that they incur due to phishing-related fraud.
  • The ability to continue offering users a simple online experience -- without having to impose any new requirements on them.
  • The ability to continue business operations without imposing on automated processes or performance-boosting systems any restrictions intended to reduce exposure to phishing.
  • The protection of sensitive data that is accessible online.
  • Additional shielding from litigation that may arise should any phishing-type incidents occur. Organizations that ensure that their online presences cannot be impersonated in a fashion that would fool most users will enjoy these benefits:
    • Government officials concerned with enforcing privacy regulations such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, etc. are likely to treat the company more favorably in the event of a phishing-related breach.
    • The claims of victims of phishing who attempt to litigate against an offending firm will likely be rendered weaker.

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Compare Green Armor's Identity Cues and other anti-phishing technologies

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Product Information: Identity Cues

Compare Green Armor's Identity Cues and other anti-phishing technologies

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