Authentication for Mobile Device Access

Green Armor offers organizations the ability to implement mobile-optimized multi-factor and site authentication, allowing them to strongly authenticate users accessing systems from smartphones and tablets -- including Android devices, Apple iPhones and iPads, Blackberries, Palm phones, and many other devices. Of course, secure access with maximum convenience is also available from regular Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. By leveraging Green Armor technology, businesses, hospitals, schools, and other organizations can improve security, help protect sensitive information, and ensure compliance with security and privacy procedures -- all without adversely impacting user experience.


Green Armor's technology was designed by a team comprised of an information security guru and a psychologist  -- helping ensure that the system would deliver maximum security with maximum convenience. While users benefit from top notch security, they do not need to enroll, carry security devices, undergo extra steps during the login, or remember extra secrets. They continue to enjoy the simple user experience with which they are already familiar -- albeit with far better security.


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Green Armor authentication software helps enterprises secure access to online systems from computers and mobile devices by using a unique, patent-pending blend of psychology and technology to deliver "maximum security with maximum convenience," curtailing cybercrimes and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements (FFIEC, HIPAA, GLB, etc.), while allowing users to continue to enjoy the same simple user experience with which they are already comfortable.

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